• Representation of individuals and corporations for tax administrative proceedings at the local, state and federal levels;

• Investigations of possible available tax credits for future benefits;

• Filing and accompaniment of lawsuits in defense of individuals and corporations in the face of illegitimate levies, objectifying the reimbursement of the amount unduly paid, or the offset of such amount towards future payments;

• Drafting and filing motions against Tax Foreclosures at the local, state and federal
levels objectifying alternate forms of payment;

• Resolution of tax liens placed upon business associates and trustees;

• Challenging amounts indicated in Certificate of tax debt enrolled for Tax Foreclosure and other possible measures;

• Preparing legal opinions and memorandum regarding Brazilian tax law;

• Consultations regarding applicable taxation of industrial, commercial, and financial entities; as well as the service industry;

• Orientation specific to the diverse Brazilian taxes;

• Corporate restructuring with the aim of rationing the tax burden incidental to normal business activities;

• Counseling on the structure of acquisitions and the disposal of goods/investments with the end goal of more efficient tax outcomes;

• Fiscal evaluations of corporations in the process of mergers and acquisitions;

• Consultations on obtaining tax incentives and specials regimes;

• Tax planning, through the thorough study of the business structure of our clients, with the goal of reducing tax costs as well as identifying possible mistakes that may result in increased tax contingencies;

• Support for the fiscal classification of products and goods;

• Implementation, revision, and monitoring of fiscal controls exercised by parties involved on import and export transactions, including transfer pricing;

• Debt investigations before the Receita Federal do Brasil and the Procuradoria Geral da Fazenda Nacional (Federal Revenue Service and Office of the General Attorney of the National Treasury), including social security debts. ;

• Analysis and studies of tax and social security debts assuring the validity of the charge (i.e. identifying statute of limitation term of tax debts, double charges, rates, etc).


• Our work is realized through procedures that complete the agenda previously outlined, with that, we highlight the following:

• Examine: Analysis of books, registries, reports, transactions and documents;

• Inspections: due diligence that aim at verifying situations or facts in circumstantial forms;

• Inquiries: researching via interviews with clients’ business experts;

• Investigations: bringing to light what may be in the dark due to whatever

• Measurement/Evaluations: physical quantification of goods, rights, obligations,
expenses and incomes;

• Certification: certifying information and reports which will be used for the services.





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